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Fallen Officer Remembrance: Brian D. Sicknick

     A horrible day on all levels unfolded Wednesday, January 6, at the U.S. Capitol in Washington, D.C. As always – regardless of the cause or participants – state, local and federal law enforcement personnel and military security were called to the frontline to turn back the threat. Ultimately, the riot devolved into a hand-to-hand take-the-Capitol BACK action resulting in injury and death.

     Officer Brian D. Sicknick was on the frontline of the action and, tragically, was fatally injured by a rioter, succumbing to his injuries shortly after the siege ended. The Capitol Police honored him yesterday with a ceremonial motorcade past the Capitol. 

     We are reminded that law enforcement is ALWAYS expected to be available, responsible, and actively engaged to turn back the threats. Officer Sicknick will be recognized through our Fallen Officers Remembrance program as another hero willing to stand on that THIN BLUE LINE.

     As we learn more, you will be advised of the involvement of the Secret Service in remembrance events for Officer Sicknick.

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