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From the AFAUSSS Board of Directors:

     Recent events have struck a nerve amongst sensible people in every part of our communities. In a case where law enforcement officers failed in their fundamental commitment to “protect and serve,” community outrage exploded and the victims were found in neighborhoods, businesses, public service and sadly, in the ranks of law enforcement.

     As an association that represents 3,000 active and retired law enforcement professionals, we speak to those still serving. We especially recognize the difficult mission of our Uniformed Division members, who are courageously protecting the White House and its employees, guests and residents.

     The Law Enforcement Mission has always remained the same: to protect and serve the community and re-establish order from chaos. We applaud the entire Agency’s efforts, not just in D.C. but across the country, on the front lines and as leaders behind the scenes. We know the impact and impressions encounters with members of the USSS make. We want to continue to make those experiences positive for both our workforce and the community.

     We stand with the community in this period of outrage, and we stand behind every member of the law enforcement community who is serving honorably during this troubled time. We are ready to assist through advocacy, support, participation and strategic messaging as we face the challenges and changes ahead of us.

     We as a Board will also explore options for connecting with other Federal Law Enforcement Associations to identify meaningful ways to leverage our collective experiences and perspectives to assist in our shared goal of improving the quality and diversity of our workforce and the way the agencies carry out their missions.

     We hope you will join us in seeking positive action and advocacy in response to the devastation of recent weeks.

The AFAUSSS Board of Directors

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