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50 years of supporting and celebrating those who serve

Our 50th Year


The Association of Former Agents of the United States Secret Service was founded in 1971 to bring together former and current employees of the Secret Service for comradeship, networking and support in time of need. To commemorate our 50th Anniversary, a special-edition logo has been created for use throughout this year of remembrance and celebration.

We’ve also developed our 50th Anniversary home page to bring you current news, initiatives and events in one handy location as Oldstar undergoes a redesign to be unveiled later this year. Check back often!

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Commemorating the AFAUSSS 50th Anniversary

With a backdrop of 2021 and its lingering uncertainty, slowly building optimism and pent-up need for connection, AFAUSSS is recognizing its 50th anniversary as an association. The year may not bring us the party we had hoped for, but we’ll make every effort to nurture engagement and celebrate who we are as an organization.

Our origin was rooted in the desire for senior agents to establish a connection with each other that would be sustained throughout our careers and post retirement. The fact that AFAUSSS has seen steady growth while maintaining a core membership of long-time retirees speaks volumes on our work to evolve and expand service to our members and at the same time stay connected to today’s United States Secret Service.

We have never enjoyed a closer relationship with current USSS leadership and active employees, and have re-invented our membership classes, communications and outreach to ensure that all of us, current and former USSS employees, keep up connections. Our growth has been inclusive to agents, officers and eligible USSS employees, as well as spouses, who wish to sustain their AFAUSSS relationships.

Our mission as an association drives us to evolve as both a social and service organization for members, their families, and others in the larger law enforcement community. This defines who we are as individuals and represents the best of what we learned and experienced as part of the United States Secret Service.

When asked to step up and help others in need, our members – individually, via current employers, and through the AFAUSSS Foundation – have found ways to answer those calls for medical, personal or other support. The AFAUSSS Foundation, which depends on both sustaining and new donors, is proactive in seeking opportunities to reach out and improve situations where possible. Continued support is ALWAYS welcome.


Past Reasons to be a Member


through active duty with the U.S. Secret Service to later career leadership positions in government and industry into retirement


for members, their families, and the larger law enforcement community via scholarships, aid in hard times & care when one passes


amongst members through the annual conference, regional events, volunteerism, and lively conversation on the message board


for employment connections, business promotion, membership benefits, discounts through sponsor offerings & Marketplace Deals

Association and Foundation News

Recent News and Information From HQ

Screen Shot 2021-09-13 at 8.05.25 AM.png

To mark the 20th anniversary of the tragic events of September 11, 2001, the U.S. Secret Service remembers our fallen and is proud to share the stories of our personnel who rallied together to provide aid and comfort in so many ways. The entire family of Secret Service employees, along with our fellow law enforcement colleagues and partners, have a wonderful tradition of coming together in times of hardship.

U.S. Secret Service held a 9/11 ceremony in remembrance of the 20th Anniversary.

Watch it here:

The agency needs your help in locating and inspiring qualified applicants, for all positions, but especially to meet our goal of 525 special agents this fiscal year.

Be proactive in reaching out to qualified individuals in your personal and professional lives. This may include partner agency representatives, your alma mater, fraternities, sororities, sports teams, church, family and friends.

We are looking for a continued concerted engagement with all institutions of higher learning, military installations and other locations in your community to message the Secret Service as “THE” employer of choice...Read More

#ICYMI: On the latest episode of our #podcast, #StandingPost, hear from Investigative Protection Officer Patrick Rafferty, a retired NYPD police officer who is a part of our Technical Law Enforcement program.

Honoring Fallen Officers

Please click the Officer's name to find out more about them.

AFAUSSS is an association rooted in our lifelong personal and professional commitment to our members who proudly represent the law enforcement community. We have heard from members, and as a Board actively seek opportunities to demonstrate our concern and support for local, state, and federal brothers and sisters in law enforcement. These opportunities come through advocacy, personal connection and outreach, and financial support.... Read Full Letter Here

Our Members

A social and charitable organization

Since the founding of the Association of Former Agents of the US Secret Service in 1971, AFAUSSS has welcomed Secret Service employees from all generations into the organization.  The association is dedicated to supporting its members across the career spectrum and well after retirement.

On our way to 3,000


Help drive membership to new heights. Please spread the word about AFAUSSS to all current and former USSS employees.

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