Most people are not aware that a Secret Service special agent dressed as an umpire the night President Bush threw out the first pitch during the 2001 World Series at Yankee Stadium.

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Our name isn’t the only thing changing next month!

Yes, you will start seeing reference to the U.S. Secret Service Association (USSSA), along with a bright new logo and a streamlined, state-of-the-art website. What you won’t see is the tremendous amount of work going on behind the scenes to add features and improve functionality to increase services to our members on the new website.

Our goal is to minimize disruption as we transition between the old and new site, but there may be an inconvenience or two in the coming weeks:

On September 24, you will still see everything as usual on Oldstar; however, we will be turning off your ability to change information within your online profile (your address, email, etc.), as well as your ability to pay dues or make donations online. If you have changes after September 23, call or email Paulette and she will enter them into the new system as soon as possible. Or you can make updates and payments on your own when we go live with the new system.

My name is Susan Wellman and I became an AFAUSSS member when my husband Rodney Wellman died of lung cancer on January 5. He was the SAIC of the Phoenix field office and a devoted advocate for lung cancer research and support, including the GO2 Foundation. My brother-in-law Dave Wellman is participating in the New York City Marathon this fall to raise money for this foundation in Rodney’s name and memory. The link below will explain the background and Rodney’s will to bring awareness to this horrible disease.

If you would like to donate, there’s no amount that is not appreciated. We want to alleviate other families from feeling the loss of a beloved husband, father and brother. This disease is evil. It doesn’t get the support it should. The statistics are alarming.

Thank you!

For more information and to donate, click here:

The Association of Former Agents of the U.S. Secret Service is proud to announce that Kelly McArthur of Bloomington, Minnesota has been awarded the first Julie Cross Memorial Scholarship. The presentation was made on August 12 by SA Andy Kearns from the Minneapolis Field Office with her grandfather, AFAUSSS member and retired SA Bob Oberholtzer, by her side.

This scholarship was developed to commemorate the 50th year of female agents working for the U.S. Secret Service. The initial funding came through a generous donation from one of the first five female agents hired in 1971. It was named in Julie Cross’s memory as a tribute to an outstanding agent who represented the U.S. Secret Service honorably and set an example for future women agents to follow. 

The $2,000 scholarship is meant to encourage and support women who are seeking a career in law enforcement. The Scholarship Committee unanimously agreed that Kelly’s accomplishments and focus on leadership with the goal of a career in federal law enforcement exemplified the values sought for the Julie Cross Memorial Scholarship. She will be attending Niagara University in the fall.

The AFAUSSS Foundation relies on donations from members and outside sources to fund this scholarship program and other noble endeavors. Thank you to all who support this mission.

Julie Cross Recipient

From left to right: SA Andy Kearns, Kelly McArthur and retired SA Bob Oberholtzer

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