COPLINE: A Lifeline for Officers in Need

The AFAUSSS Board continually works to identify and support initiatives, programs and activities that serve our membership and the larger law enforcement community. A new program being explored is COPLINE:

COPLINE is a 501(c)(3) foundation with a mission to support local, state and federal law enforcement personnel who have immediate and urgent needs and questions related to their personal and professional lives. This support is provided through a confidential 24-7 hotline network staffed by volunteers – all trained retired officers. 

The COPLINE volunteers receive calls from active and retired law enforcement personnel and their loved ones, listen to the issues and concerns of the caller, and connect that caller with a resource that may help identify a specific resolution.  Volunteers are NOT counselors, but facilitators who help identify the issue and solutions. 

Board Member Tom Catalano will be attending the required COPLINE training in May to learn more about the program and qualify as a volunteer, as well as assess the level of personal engagement we will support as an association. Once again, this is a “pay it forward” activity that all of us – the Board and engaged AFAUSSS members – are looking at to keep us connected to our brothers and sisters in law enforcement. There has NEVER been a time that law enforcement was in need of so much active support in so many ways.