NYC Marathon Fundraiser in the Name of Former SAIC Rodney Wellman

My name is Susan Wellman and I became an AFAUSSS member when my husband Rodney Wellman died of lung cancer on January 5. He was the SAIC of the Phoenix field office and a devoted advocate for lung cancer research and support, including the GO2 Foundation. My brother-in-law Dave Wellman is participating in the New York City Marathon this fall to raise money for this foundation in Rodney’s name and memory. The link below will explain the background and Rodney’s will to bring awareness to this horrible disease.

If you would like to donate, there’s no amount that is not appreciated. We want to alleviate other families from feeling the loss of a beloved husband, father and brother. This disease is evil. It doesn’t get the support it should. The statistics are alarming.

Thank you!

For more information and to donate, click here: