By-laws Amendment Passes: Name Change Almost Official

The next step has been taken in changing our name from the Association of Former Agents of the U.S. Secret Service (AFAUSSS) to theU.S. Secret Service Association (USSSA). Our charitable arm will be theFoundation of the U.S. Secret Service Association (FUSSSA)
After members approved the name change in May, a separate vote was required to amend the Association and Foundation bylaws to reflect the new name. The polls closed Friday, August 20, and out of 780 ballots cast, 93.3% voted in favor of this change, while 6.7% were against it.
With the affirmative vote, various state and federal filings are required to finalize the new names. New logos, a new website and new organizational materials will be unveiled this fall.

Thank you to all who voted. We appreciate your active participation!