Prepare for Transition to New Website

Our name isn’t the only thing changing next month!

Yes, you will start seeing reference to the U.S. Secret Service Association (USSSA), along with a bright new logo and a streamlined, state-of-the-art website. What you won’t see is the tremendous amount of work going on behind the scenes to add features and improve functionality to increase services to our members on the new website.

Our goal is to minimize disruption as we transition between the old and new site, but there may be an inconvenience or two in the coming weeks:

On September 24, you will still see everything as usual on Oldstar; however, we will be turning off your ability to change information within your online profile (your address, email, etc.), as well as your ability to pay dues or make donations online. If you have changes after September 23, call or email Paulette and she will enter them into the new system as soon as possible. Or you can make updates and payments on your own when we go live with the new system.