HARRY E. NEAL AWARD: This award is named in honor of a former Assistant Chief of the Secret Service and Editor of the AFAUSSS Pipeline (Newsletter). The award is given to several law enforcement officers each year who have performed outstanding service to the community in the form of a heroic act or extraordinary investigation. Each officer receives a plaque and a check for $1,000.00 from the Foundation of the Association of Former Agents of the U.S. Secret Service.

This program provides an opportunity for AFAUSSS to support the U.S. Secret Service by involving the District SAIC, RAIC, or RA in the presentation of the award. The award is generally presented where the officer is stationed with appropriate police officials and AFAUSSS members in attendance. On occasion, the award may be presented at the AFAUSSS national conference or other appropriate law enforcement gathering.

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Harry E. Neal Awards Presented - 2018

DFC Gaskill       Gaskill Plaque Presentation
DFC Gaskill with the St. Mary's County (MD) Sheriff's Office Honor Guard   Left to Right (plaque presentation): Joe Funk (AFAUSSS),
DFC Blaine Gaskill, SAIC Daniel Kurz (Baltimore Field Office),
Barbara Disenbacher (Harry Neal's daughter),
Harry E. Neal, Jr, (Harry Neal's son),
Sheriff Tim Cameron (St. Mary's County (MD) Sheriff's Office)


AFAUSSS presented a Harry E. Neal Award on August 22, 2018, to Deputy First Class (DFC) Blaine R. Gaskill of St. Mary's County Sheriff's Office, St. Mary's City, Maryland. On March 20, 2018, Deputy Gaskill, without regard for his personal safety, engaged a shooter in Great Mills High School stopping the attack in which one student died and another one was wounded.

AFAUSSS member Joe Funk presented the Harry E. Neal Award to Deputy Gaskill in a formal ceremony at the HistoricnSt. Mary's City Statehouse. Also in attendance were Harry Neal's daughter and son, Barbara Dinsenbacher and Harry E. Neal, Jr.

He was also presented with a check for $1,000 from the Foundation of the Association of Former Agents of the U. S. Secret Service.

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Left to Right: Director Alles, Michael Delgado, Christine Salazar,
Krystal Munoz, Hugo Munoz, Dennis McCarthy

Two Harry E. Neal Awards were given to very worthy recipients at the AFAUSSS 2018 conference in Santa Fe, New Mexico on September 8, 2018. It is noted that Barbara Dinsenbacher, Harry Neal’s daughter, was introduced at the banquet. The following is the script of AFAUSSS President Dennis McCarthy who made the presentation of these Harry E Neal Awards.

“On July 25, 2017, New Mexico State Police (NMSP) officers were dispatched to the Pecos River gas station in San Miguel County for an armed robbery. Felony fugitive Lane Reed had just robbed the store, stole the owner’s personal firearm and his dodge pickup truck.

Later that day, Santa Fe County Sheriff’s Department deputies spotted the stolen Dodge pickup near La Cienega, NM. The deputies attempted to stop the truck but the driver, later identified as Lane Reed, shot at them and sped southbound on interstate 25. Santa Fe County deputies were joined by NMSP officers in pursuit of the vehicle.

Later in the pursuit near Santa Domingo, NM, Reed fired again at the pursuing deputies and officers. Santa Fe county sheriff’s Lt. Michael Delgado positioned his patrol unit in the line of fire and returned fire at Reed with his handgun. But Reed continued to flee despite being shot at by Lt. Delgado.

The pursuit continued southbound on interstate 25 when NMSP Sergeant (now Lt.) Hugo Munoz encountered the subject vehicle near Algodones, NM. Sgt. Munoz attempted to perform a PIT maneuver (pursuit intervention technique) to stop the vehicle driven by Reed, but Reed instead began shooting from his vehicle at Sgt. Munoz. Sgt. Munoz returned fire with his department-issued rifle, but Reed refused to stop.

As the pursuit continued, Reed threw various items out of his vehicle’s window and continued to shoot at the pursuing officers. Sgt. Munoz could see the rounds fired by Reed striking the pavement in front of him. Sgt. Munoz at this point, had enough of this, returned fire striking the Dodge pickup which then came to a stop. The officers took Reed into custody. None of the officers or Reed were injured during this incident.

NMSP agents recovered two firearms, a large amount of U.S. currency and several spent bullet casings during subsequent searches of the various crime scenes.

Reed later stated during interviews that he was involved in an armed robbery spree which began in Texas in early July 2017. This continued through Arkansas, Oklahoma and Colorado before ending in New Mexico. Reed admitted removing serial numbers from a stolen firearm he purchased on the street and intended to “kill” the officers who were pursuing him.

Investigation by the NMP also revealed reed had committed a robbery at a gas station in Raton, NM on July 24th, the day before this incident. The vehicle he drove away from this robbery was a black Toyota with Florida tags. The investigation established that Reed had previously committed an armed carjacking of this Toyota at a gas station in Denver, Colorado.

At the time of his arrest Lane Reed had numerous felony nationwide warrants from Colorado and Texas for aggravated robbery and aggravated theft of a motor vehicle. He subsequently was charged federally for various offenses and is currently facing 25 years in federal prison.

The AFAUSSS Board of Directors is proud to present our Harry E. Neal awards to Lt. Michael Delgado and Lt. Hugo Munoz in recognition of their courageous and heroic acts on July 25, 2017.”


Harry Neal Awards