HARRY E. NEAL AWARD: This award is named in honor of a former Assistant Chief of the Secret Service and Editor of the AFAUSSS Pipeline (Newsletter). The award is given to several law enforcement officers each year who have performed outstanding service to the community in the form of a heroic act or extraordinary investigation. Each officer receives a plaque and a check for $1,000.00 from the Foundation of the Association of Former Agents of the U.S. Secret Service.

This program provides an opportunity for AFAUSSS to support the U.S. Secret Service by involving the District SAIC, RAIC, or RA in the presentation of the award. The award is generally presented where the officer is stationed with appropriate police officials and AFAUSSS members in attendance. On occasion, the award may be presented at the AFAUSSS national conference or other appropriate law enforcement gathering.

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Harry E. Neal Awards Presented - 2019

AFAUSSS President Dennis McCarthy made the following presentation of two Harry E. Neal Awards on September 26, 2019, in Charlottesville, Virginia.

          Chesterfield County Virginia Police Department Chief Jeffrey Katz and Secret Service Richmond Field Office SAIC Jerald Page nominated Chesterfield County, Virginia Police Department Officers Nathaniel Crowe and Ian Cannaday to receive the AFAUSSS Harry E. Neal Award. On March 17, 2019, Officers Cannaday and Crowe responded to a structure fire at the Interstate Inn motel. The comments associated with the call reported two children in a room near the fire.

            When they arrived at the motel, Officers Crowe and Cannaday saw that a section of the second floor was fully engulfed in flames. Both Officer Crowe and Officer Cannaday ran directly towards the danger to see if anyone needed help. They went up to the second floor and began checking the rooms for anyone who might be in need of rescue. After clearing all of the rooms, Officer Cannaday located a woman with burns on her body behind the building in an area with heavy smoke. He and Officer Cannaday helped to carry the woman to safety, saving her life. The woman they rescued had started the fire in an attempt to end her life. Officer Crowe was transported to the hospital for treatment of smoke inhalation.

            Officers Crowe and Cannaday displayed heroism that day as they risked their life in an attempt to rescue what they believed were children near the fire. While the children were not present, they were able to save the life of a woman in need of help. 

            The AFAUSSS Board of Directors are truly honored to present our Harry E. Neal Awards, along with checks for $1,000, to Chesterfield County Virginia Police Department Officers Ian Cannaday and Nathaniel Crowe for their courageous and heroic lifesaving acts on March 17, 2019.

20190926 202220CroweCannaday

Left to right:  Chesterfield County (VA) Police Officers Ian Cannaday, Nathaniel Crowe,
Chief Jeffrey Katz, Dennis McCarthy, SAIC Jerald Page (Richmond Field Office)

AFAUSSS President Dennis McCarthy made the following presentation, posthumously, of the Harry E. Neal recognition to the family of Virginia State Police Trooper Lucas B. Dowell on September 26, 2019, in Charlottesville, Virginia.

            Superintendent, Colonel Gary T. Settle of the Virginia Department of State Police and Secret Service Richmond Field Office SAIC Jerald Page nominated, posthumously, Trooper Lucas B. Dowell for the AFAUSSS Harry E. Neal recognition. Trooper Dowell gave his life in the course of his duties during the execution of a narcotics search warrant in Cumberland County, Virginia on the night of February 4, 2019. Lucas was an exceptional young man who fulfilled every tenant of the Virginia State Police mission on and off the job. He was one who stood out among his peers due to his impressive ambition, professionalism and dedication to duty. 

            Lucas, a native of Chilhowie, Virginia, graduated the Virginia State Police’s 122nd basic session in November 2014. From the start, his hard work earned the notice of his supervisors who encouraged Lucas to try out for the State Police Appomattox Division Tactical Team. This was a rarity for a trooper with so few years on with the department. Lucas tried out and immediately earned the respect of the tactical team leaders and was quickly welcomed into the team. It was in this capacity, as a member of the tactical team, that Lucas demonstrated exceptional valor and service to his fellow teammates and the Commonwealth of Virginia as a whole.

            On February 4, 2019, Lucas and his team were assisting the Piedmont Regional Drug and Gang Task Force with executing a search warrant just outside the town of Farmville, Virginia. As the tactical team had made entry into the residence shortly after 10:00 pm, Lucas was one of the first to go inside. Just as they cleared the corner, an adult male inside the residence began shooting at them. Lucas was fatally shot by the subject. His tactical team members returned fire, fatally wounding the male subject.

            Lucas was well known and respected among the local police and sheriff’s offices within the communities he served. He was not only known for his brilliant and contagious smile, but as someone who could always be relied upon in the most dangerous and threatening of situations.

            The loss of Trooper Lucas Dowell has been extremely difficult for the Virginia State Police. Even to this day, they are humbled by Lucas’ selfless sacrifice and grateful for his dedicated service to the Commonwealth. He will forever be remembered by his State Police family for his great strength of character, tenacity, valor, loyalty and sense of humor.

            The AFAUSSS Board of Directors are truly honored to present the Harry E. Neal recognition, posthumously, to the family of Virginia State Trooper Lucas B. Dowell in remembrance of his heroism, dedication to duty and the ultimate sacrifice of life while on duty as a Virginia State Trooper on February 4, 2019. 
 20190926 202825TrooperDowell
Left to right:  Dennis McCarthy, Colonel Gary Settle, Virginia State Police Superintendent, Rebecca
Dowell, Mike Dowell, Erica Dowell, SAIC Jerald Page (Richmond Field Office)

AFAUSSS President Dennis McCarthy made the following presentation of a Harry E. Neal Award to Detective Timothy Palchak on September 26, 2019, in Charlottesville, Virginia.

            Washington, D.C. Metropolitan Police Department Chief Peter Newsham and Secret Service Washington Field Office SAIC Matt Miller nominated Detective Timothy Palchak to receive the AFAUSSS Harry E. Neal Award. Detective Palchak is assigned to the Washington, D.C. Metropolitan Police Department’s Investigative Services Bureau, Youth and Family Service Division, Internet Crimes against Children Unit. Detective Palchak was nominated for his extraordinary diligence and contributions to protecting children from sexual exploitation in cyberspace.

            Detective Timothy Palchak is a twenty five year member of the Metropolitan Police in Washington, D.C. Detective Palchak has been a task force officer with the FBI’s Child Exploitation Unit since 2005. During this time, Detective Palchak has worked exclusively in an undercover capacity focusing on “hands on” offenders (producers) and others who seek to exploit children. Detective Palchak has participated in thousands of online undercover chats and has rescued over 200 children as a result of his undercover chat investigations. Detective Palchak is nationally recognized as an expert in this field and has testified as an expert witness in both local and federal courts. Detective Palchak currently teaches nationally to various law enforcement agencies.

            Just this past year, Detective Palchak has communicated with numerous men and a few women who all were sexually abusing children and disseminating images of the abuse. All of these children were rescued from their abuser, and the offenders were arrested. Detective Palchak routinely works with the FBI and other law enforcement agencies as part of the FBI Child Exploitation Task Force to ensure that these offenders are arrested and the children rescued. In this fiscal year alone Tim has rescued over 50 pre-pubescent children from horrific sexual abuse and exploitation. 

            A few examples of Detective Palchak’s investigations leading to the arrest of the involved individuals:

  1. Detective Palchak communicated with a father of a 10 month-old daughter residing in Tennessee. The father, a pharmacist, sent Detective Palchak explicit images of his daughter and discussed his sexual interest in her. As a result of Detective Palchak’s investigation, the father was arrested.
  2. Subject in California blindfolded his 3 year-old daughter and sexually abused her while photographing the abuse. As a result of Detective Palchak’s investigation, the father was arrested.
  3. A trucker in Indiana sexually abused his 8 year-old daughter for months in the back of his truck cab. He recorded the abuse, and sent it to Detective Palchak. As a result of Detective Palchak’s investigation, the father was arrested.

The AFAUSSS Board of Directors is truly honored to present our Harry E. Neal Award along with a check for $1,000 to Detective Timothy Palchak, Metropolitan Police Department, in recognition of his ongoing investigative excellence and diligence in protecting our children from sexual exploitation and abuse.

20190926 203329MPDPalchak

Left to Right:  MPDC Detective Timothy Palchak,
Shay Palchak, Dennis McCarthy, SAIC Matthew Miller (WFO)


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